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Shachi’s strategic technology collaboration with a niche European Company

Shachi's strategic technology collaboration with a niche European Company helps to bring innovative, self-cleaning systems in evaporators for customers in the Indian market. These Evaportors do not require jet cleaning, thus saving time, reducing costs and maintenance while ensuring seamless production.

Shachi Engineering  has been granted the order for 3 new waste water treatment plants for the dye-making industry. The plants apply multi-stage evaporation of which the first and second stage will be configured with the self-cleaning technology. The design of the plant has been optimized for steam efficiency and to have a compact design. The order is granted after a successful project in which one of the existing evaporators of this client was revamped into the self-cleaning system and showed constant evaporation where previously fouling was an important issue.

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Advantages of Self-Cleaning Evaporator Technology