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Shachi Engineering marks presence at Achema 2018

Shachi Engineering participated in the recently held Achema 2018 Expo in Frankfurt, Germany. This was Shachi Engineering’s second participation. A team of eight, including the Directors and Department Heads was present on all days to attend to visiting delegates.

ACHEMA 2018 is not only the market place of the present, but also the innovation exchange of the future.  What makes the event far more than just a trade venue – ACHEMA is where global trends are launched.  The visiting team from Shachi Engineering actively engaged with technology providers, from around the world, to seek collaboration and exchange for the Indian market.

Besides the fair, the discussions at the stands and in the lecture halls are the heart and soul of ACHEMA. Shachi Engineering’s team was able to share its work and experiences with customers from over 15 countries.


Achema 2018 was an opportunity for Shachi Engineering to share its innovative concepts in solving many challenges, be they energy efficiency, shorter product cycles or novel materials for new age applications.


Expanding on the export market

The export market, especially in eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa was a key focus area for Shachi Engineering at Achema 2018. Shachi Engineering’s plants have a reputation for the highest quality and precision performance as designed. By leveraging the experience of two decades, backed by innovative technology-led process plants, Shachi Engineering is set to serve the global market.

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