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We are soon going to be in Dahej!

Shachi Engineering recently acquired land in Dahej to expand its manufacturing facility. Currently, Shachi Engineering has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Pune. The facility in Pune is also equipped with a pilot plant and has been pivotal in Shachi Engineering's growth. With the facility at Dahej, Shachi Engineering will now be able to serve larger projects at more aggressive timelines.

The 2.5 Acre land near Saika Chemical SEZ in Dahej is located strategically to serve the growing needs for quality process plants, especially in Gujarat. The facility will help expand Shachi Engineering's manufacturing output by about 40%, in addition to serving the customers faster.

Greenfied facility to serve larger projects

Additionally, Shachi Engineering also plans to begin serving customers from new segments such as Oil & Gas, Speciality Chemicals and Pharma, from the new expansion. The facility will focus on manufacturing larger capacity Evaporators and Condensors and will be key to driving Shachi Engineering's growth in the western India region.

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