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Meet Game-changing Innovations at Chemtech 2019

Enhancing productivity is a perpetual mission. In the quest to improve productivity one has to constantly keep looking for new opportunities and experiment. Along the way, you have to get past a lot of failures to meet the success. At Chemtech 2019, you will meet one such success from Shachi – the self-cleaning evaporator.

Hall 1 – Stall C-13C at Chemtech 2019 (20-23 Feb 2019)

The Self-Cleaning Technology for Evaporators
In early 2018, Shachi Engineering developed a strategic tie-up with a highly niche European company to bring its range of self-cleaning technology in the Indian market. There were several challenges – starting from the significantly higher price, the ability of the technology to meet the compliance in India and above all its successful implementation. Shachi took up the challenge, leveraging its years of experience in Spray Dryers and Evaporator technology and knowing the key success factors for winning in the Indian market.


Proven Technology, Demonstrated Success
The first such plant was initiated in one of India’s largest Dye Manufacturing plant in India. Shachi’s team successfully installed the evaporators and commissioned the plant. The new evaporators meant the Client had to clean the ETP once in a few months as opposed to once every week. The Client was able to achieve significant savings with improved productivity, higher throughput, labor and cost savings achieved from far lesser shutdowns. In the current year, Shachi Engineering is already on its way to build and implement three such plants in the Dye manufacturing industry.

Now, its your chance to meet the proven self-cleaning technology for evaporators at Chemtech 2019. Shachi Engineering’s expert team will demonstrate the concept through a prototype of the technology. You will also get to see the video and success story of the first plant that went operational in 2018.

We look forward to meet you then!

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