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What drives you to work every day? ….our employees have one more reason!

There are two types of office goers. The passionate and enthusiastic ones, who are always looking ahead to go and contribute. And there are a few who make it to the office out of compulsion of sorts. The difference is between the connection they have to the work and the workplace.

Recognizing the efforts of our top performers

At Shachi Engineering, we focus a lot on connecting the dots between the individual’s dream and the organization’s vision. From the start, we have seen that when people see and feel that connection, passion and energy flow to work naturally. We have seen the employees feeling an elevated sense of dignity, importance and new energy to drive to work, every day.

And to make that happen, we have given our employees one more reason.

We are pleased to announce that this year 5 of our long-standing employees have been offered company sponsored brand new Cars as a recognition of their contribution. For all the employees, which also includes two Workers, it was always a dream to own a car. And as an organisation, we are proud to have helped them to achieve their dream.

One more way to say that our people are our strength.

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