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Spray Dryer atomizer systems

How would chopping vegetables with a knife that has lost its edge affect the final dish?
It will kill the consistency and texture of the dish.
In spray dryers, atomizer system is much like a knife that needs to cut fluid particles precisely into finar parts, and if the automizer fails, it can have serious consequences.

Atomization system works to chop up the liquid droplets into even finer droplets in order to serve the higher surface area to volume ratio. More the surface area available the greater will be the heat and mass transfer rate through droplet particle and this results in quick and effective drying process. An ideal atomiser is the one which provides the homogeneous spray i.e. symmetric uniform droplet size and shape, uniform residence time for all particle.

Atomization systems are classified into two types:

Rotary disk atomization

In rotary atomization the feed is centrifugally accelerated to the high velocity before discharge in to the air. The liquid is allowed to flow over the rotating disk and this helps to attain both radial and tangential velocity component to the fluid. As a result, the liquid droplets of the fluid breaks into finer droplet particle as it leaves the rotating wheel.

Pressure nozzle atomization

Pressure nozzle accelerates and disintegrates the feed’s liquid flow. The droplet will be formed only when the feed’s liquid fluid disintegrates through the nozzle. For it to happen the pressure nozzle is designed with enough turbulence generation capacity.

Spray Dryer Atomiser – What can go wrong and how it affects the product?

In industrial application it is hard to achieve uniform droplet size which is dependent on many parameters such as flow rate, feed rate, sizing, properties of feedstock, powder properties, temperature etc. This makes the selection of right kind of atomization system even more complex.

Also, an ideal automizer should not need frequent lubrication. Lubrication of the automizer system can sometimes lead to oil contamination of the final product. Many leading firms in the world are now introducing motors with magnetic bearings into the automizer to completely take out the need for lubrication.

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