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Advantages of Computational Fluid Dynamics

When life is surrounded by uncertainty and the stakes are high, a fortune-teller who could accurately predict the future for us would be of great help. CFD system does something similar for the sensitive business that is spray drying. Running a computer simulation of how drying process will affect fluids and other factors gives the engineers insights into how the product will perform without having to run tests with actual material. In this blog, we will look at some of the major advantages of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Advantages of CFD

Relatively low cost
A CFD simulation is performed using a computer and does not require heavy scientific equipment and accessories used in conventional methods. CFD simulation is therefore an inexpensive process. Faster speed of analysis
As CFD simulations are executed on computers execution and can be completed in much shorter durations. Higher computation power can further reduce the time required for analysis thereby permitting greater scope to experiment and improve the results. Ability to predict the real condition
With CFD, actual process conditions can be accurately predicted even in case of irregular geometry and complicated physics. Comprehensive and detailed information
CFD analysis allows to assess every possible information associated with physics of the problem situation. As a result, very minute detailing can be predicted and gathered for taking better decisions.

The global market for CFD technology is projected to grow at 11% between 2019-24. Efforts are curently on to apply artificial intelligence in developing computational mesh, which is one of the most time-consuming processes in CFD.

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