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Spray Dryer Process: Its utility and purpose

How do you produce 28 tonnes of milk powder in just one hour?
In drying perishable and sensitive materials in industries such as food or pharmaceuticals, speed is the key. That’s something that only spray drying can achieve.
So how does spray drying get you so much speed and efficiency?

Spray Dryer Working

Here’s how a Spray Dryer works:
Spray drying process which can dry huge volumes of liquids within seconds is thus critical in this area. Manufacturing of products such as milk powder in large quantities is only possible because of spray drying process. Spray drying produces particles that can be dispensed fast and are easily soluble.

Spray drying technology offers several features over its preceding technologies. Spray dryers turn a liquid into a powder by quickly drying it with help of hot gas. The one-step ability of Spray Dryers to complete the drying process within seconds gives it an edge over most other industrial drying techniques. For instance, in the food industry, fast drying plays a vital role in ensuring minimum overall flavour loss.

The process operates on basic principles and can be automated at several levels. The process is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of industries and their feedstock and product specifications. Virtually any feedstock that can be pumped – solutions, suspensions, slurries, melts, pastes, gels can be spray dried.

Spray Dryer Efficiency

Designing efficient and cost effective spray dryers though requires skill and experience. In spite of all the engineering advances in spray drying technology, achieving the right results through a Spray Dryer is a science as well as an art. Procedures for specifying and designing of spray dryers varies significantly, based on the experience, theoretical approaches and empirical methods. The prediction of perfect drying design is difficult due to the inability to express precisely the interaction of spray droplet and air around the atomizer and the resultant particle and air flow pattern in the drying chamber

Spray Dryer Manufacturer in Pune and Gujarat

At Shachi Engineering, we create detailed simulation of interaction between gas and fluid using Computational Fluid Dynamics technology. This, in addition with the company’s two decade-long experience in designing dryers helps us deliver the most efficient and cost effective dryers. To know more about how our dryers could aid your business growth, reach out to us at: http://www.shachiengineering.com

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