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Creating better profitability in the extremely competitive Dyes market

Spectrum - A market leader in Disperse Dyes

Spectrum is one of the largest producers of Disperse Dyes in India. Having started its operation in the year 1991, Spectrum’s wide inventory of over 150 dyes, places it amongst one of the very few manufacturers catering to almost all commercially available Disperse Dyes. Until now Shachi Engineering has successfully installed seven process plants for Spectrum.


The Price Sensitivity
Dyes is a highly price sensitive product and the competition, especially from Chinese imports, is very intense. Ensuring very high fuel efficiency, low maintenance and achieving the targeted output is key to profitability.
Fuel Economy Challenge
Spectrum’s management team had set an aggressive target for fuel economy and plant output. The plant had to reduce its emissions in the form of fog or smoke though the scrubbing system to meet all the stringent emission control norms specified by the pollution control board.


Shachi Engineering responded to the challenges and constraints specified by Spectrum with several innovations:
  • The Gas Burner was designed to yield better combustion efficiency
  • A specialised tall Chamber with better residence time was designed to ensure highest output and positive impact on fuel economy
  • The air distributor was designed by Shachi Engineering to specifically serve the application goals
  • A high-efficiency cyclone system ensures minimal material wastage.
  • The Scrubber designed by Shachi Engineering ensured pollution well within the permissible norms for all types of dyes including those (such as yellow, red or blue colour dyes) that are considered to be difficult to process and cause higher levels of pollution.


Excellent results for the Client in the form of the best fuel economy
100% throughput as per the target
Emission levels well within the pollution control norms
This ensured that the Client was not just able to produce good-quality product but do so at a very healthy profitability for years together.