To achieve a
thorough mixing

The Conical Screw Mixer is a batch type mixer designed specifically for low-intensity mixing of materials which easily seggregate. The Conical Screw mixer is also used for materials such as powders and pastes. It is ideal for use in case of relatively delicate materials or end-product properties and processes that require hihgly accurate results. Typically, the Conical Screw Mixer is popular for fine and intricate mixing of large volumes of materials.

Conical Screw Mixer for low-intensity Mixing of Materials Which Easily Seggregate.


  • Homogenized mixing of powders, pastes and slurries
  • Granulation processes
  • Liquid addition into dry powders
  • Processes with under vacuum reactions
  • Gradual heating/cooling of powders
  • Homogenization of particle size and color