Effective drying,
Performed efficiently

Continuous Fluid bed dryers are used for achieving heavy heat and mass transfer values by passing the drying air through a bed of the solid to be dried. Direct or indirect heating can be designed into the system as per the characteristic of the substance to be dried and other technical constraints. The controlled and uniform drying provided in a very short residence time is the key benefit of using a continuous fluid bed dryer.

Gentle Handling with Max-Control

Shachi's team of engineers understand that the physical design of the fluid dryer is critical for the drying efficiency and effectiveness.

Our customized design maintains the crucial thermal equilibrium, controlling the correct moisture content of material and thus ensures complete drying in minimal time.

Continuous Fluid Bed Spray Dryers to Achieve Heavy Heat and Mass Transfer Values


  • Polymers and Resins
  • Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals


Proven designs tested

with advanced analysis

Capability to design,

manufacture and commission dryer for any capacity

Strong process expertise

with world class quality

Experienced team of service engineers

to provide you continuous

Highly energy efficient systems

with lesser cleaning and maintenance