The story of India’s first Evaporator working without a shutdown for years and yet providing constant evaporation capacity

Why Attend?
Fouling of evaporators is unavoidable when used in the treatment of effluent wastewater. Fouling can reduce evaporation capacities of evaporators by up to 70% within just a few months of operations. Fouling also reduces efficiency and leads to high maintenance costs in evaporators. The only solution to this, until now, has been to clean the evaporators every few weeks or to keep a redundant capacity. Both are very costly options.

In this Webinar Marco van Beek, Chief Technology Officer, Klaren International - Netherlands will share how the self-cleaning fluidised bed Evaporator technology adopted and implemented by Shachi Engineering in India is helping to achieve constant evaporation capacity by eliminating fouling.

Case Study and Analysis: One of India’s largest chemical dyes manufacture
Marco and the team from Shachi Engineering will share the analysis of the first self-cleaning Evaporator plant installed in Gujarat - India.

3 ways to reduce costs and get better payback on Evaporator investments:

Significant savings with improved productivity
Higher throughput
Labour and cost savings from far lesser shutdowns

Who should attend?

Business Owners and CXOs
Plant Head/Production Head
Production and Maintenance Heads
Process Plant and Design Consultants
EPC/Procurement Consultants

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