Maximum Velocity,
Minimum Energy

ForForced circulation evaporators are tubular heat exchangers for concentrating a feed. An external mechanical agent is used to pump certain portion of concentrate back into the feed where it enters the evaporator. This approach has two basic benefits:

  • Increased Heat Transfer: High concentrate to feed ratio is achieved as re-circulation increases the heat transfer coefficient of the feed. Also, the high velocities generated with the mechanical force ensure high heat transfer due to turbulence.
  • Elimination of Scaling: The high velocities and low residence time achieved in a small space (due to high heat transfer) help to eliminate probability of feed reacting with the vessel and causing scaling.

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The detailed study of your process variables helps us design the right amount circulated feed to be introduced, and our experience in the process industry helps us to deliver re-circulation at the highest efficiency. The equipment is most suitable for crystalline feeds or those containing solids.

Shachi's expertise in energy efficient design delivers:

  • High concentrate-to-feed ratio for the evaporator
  • Easy to maintain systems due to zero-scaling
Forced circulation evaporator for Process Industry


  • Effluent Treatment
  • Chemicals


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with advanced analysis

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manufacture and commission dryer for any capacity

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Highly energy efficient systems

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