Shachi has successfully installed and serviced both open & closed loop spray coolers across the country. Shachis spray coolers are low on maintenance and are designed for highly accurate particle sizes. Serving the organic chemical industry, Shachi has gained experience of developing highly customised solutions for our customers.

With easy to handle and maintain coolers manufactured with the latest technology & most superior quality of materials, Shachi has proven its superiority in the drying equipment domain.

Accuracy with Ease

The Shachi Spray Coolers are known for highly accurate process parameters (such as particle size, heat sensitivity). Handling materials with high heat sensitivity has been a specialty of our closed loop Spray Coolers. Shachi's Spray Coolers (also known as congealers) are designed and manufactured with high focus on achieving the right particle size.

Shachi's engineers and technologists are well aware of the environmental impact of the Spray Coolers & the importance of reducing it. Shachi's leverages its expertise in crafting eco-friendly spray coolers at the optimal cost.

Accuracy - Process parameters need to be highly accurate in case of spray coolers, Shachi's approach of providing a comprehensive solution which delivers on the required process Criteria is most valued in the market.

Spray Cooler for Process Industry


  • Dyestuffs
  • Pigments
  • Food processing
  • Starch
  • Detergents
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Herbal Extracts
  • Food Flavors
  • Ceramics
  • China Clay


Proven designs tested

with advanced analysis

Capability to design,

manufacture and commission dryer for any capacity

Strong process expertise

with world class quality

Experienced team of service engineers

to provide you continuous

Highly energy efficient systems

with lesser cleaning and maintenance