Spray Drying Advantages

Spray Dryer Process

Spray dryer process technique uses automizers and hot gas to remove moisture from materials and turn them into powders. Spray dryer process serves wide range of applications in numerous products from aseptic pharmaceutical processing to ceramic powder production. The Spray dryer process is cheaper as compared to other drying processes such as freeze drying.

Spray dryer advantages are owing to the equipment being versatile and adaptable to a wide range of industries and their feedstock and product specifications. Virtually any feedstock that can be pumped - solutions, suspensions, slurries, melts, pastes, gels can be spray dried.

Spray Dryer Advantages

  • Meets product specifications with flexible spray dryer process design
  • Spray Dryer advantages is that it can produces a range of output capacities with feed rates from a few Kg/hr to over 100 TPH.
  • Spray Dryer process helps to achieve constant powder quality throughout the entire journey of the feed through dryer.
  • Spray Dryer process provides continuous operation and adapts easily to fully automatic control.
  • Spray Dryer process suits both heat-resistant and heat sensitive products.
  • Spray Dryer Process suits abrasive, corrosive, flammable, explosive or toxic feedstock; as long as they can be pumped
  • Processes with feedstock in multiple forms - solution, slurry, paste, gel, suspension or melt form can be effectively dried using the Spray Dryer Process
  • The Spray Dryer advantage is that the process is able to control product density as desired
  • Spray Dryer process can be utilised to produce nearly spherical particles as desired.
  • Poses lesser risk of corrosion as the material being processed does not contact metal surface until dried.

Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India

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