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About Shachi Engineering

Shachi has emerged as one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of spray dryers in India owing to spray dryer design that focuses on efficiency and cost effectiveness. Shachi also manufacturers and supplies machines including a flash dryer, fluid bed dryer, spray cooler and bulk flow cooler around India. When it comes to industrial spray dryers, we offer customized options for highly sensitive and valuable products ranging from spray dried milk power to detergents and medicinal drugs.

Shachi’s spray dryer machines are designed to meet your unique needs. At Shachi Engineering, we create detailed simulation of interaction between gas and fluid using Computational Fluid Dynamics technology. This, in addition to the company’s two decade-long experience in designing dryers helps us deliver the best spray dryer technology at affordable costs.


Spray Dryer working principle and Benefits

  • Large-sized Spray Dryer - Produces a range of output capacities with feed rates from a few Kg/hr to over 25 Kg/hr.
  • Helps achieve constant powder quality throughout the entire journey of the feedthrough dryer.
  • Provides continuous operation and adapts easily to fully automatic control.
  • The spray drying equipment suits both heat-resistant and heat sensitive products.
  • Can work with abrasive, corrosive, flammable, explosive or toxic feedstock; as long as they can be pumped
  • Processes with feedstock in multiple forms - solution, slurry, paste, gel, suspension or melt form can be effectively dried using the Spray Dryer Process
  • The process is able to control product density as desired
  • This process can be utilised to produce nearly spherical particles as desired.
  • Poses lesser risk of corrosion as the material being processed does not contact metal surface until dried.

Successful Installation

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