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Factors to be considered in spray drying process

Spray drying process removes the moisture from liquids to turn it into powdered form without considerably changing their nutritious value or core chemical properties. It increases the product shelf-life without the need for refrigeration, and thus, is a key process in food and pharmaceutical industry, along with other sectors where spray drying is also used. … Read more

How CFD improves Spray Dryer Performance

When the stakes are high, knowing what is going to happen in advance could save lots of time and effort put in wrong places. If you had tools that could predict how your throughput is processed before you even put in to the machine, it could save you a lot of costs. That is what … Read more

Spray Dryer Process: Its utility and purpose

How do you produce 28 tonnes of milk powder in just one hour? In drying perishable and sensitive materials in industries such as food or pharmaceuticals, speed is the key. That’s something that only spray drying can achieve. So how does spray drying get you so much speed and efficiency? Spray Dryer Working Here’s how … Read more

Advantages of Computational Fluid Dynamics

When life is surrounded by uncertainty and the stakes are high, a fortune-teller who could accurately predict the future for us would be of great help. CFD system does something similar for the sensitive business that is spray drying. Running a computer simulation of how drying process will affect fluids and other factors gives the … Read more

Spray Dryer atomizer systems

How would chopping vegetables with a knife that has lost its edge affect the final dish? It will kill the consistency and texture of the dish. In spray dryers, atomizer system is much like a knife that needs to cut fluid particles precisely into finar parts, and if the automizer fails, it can have serious … Read more

Spray Dryer Maintenance

Spray Dryer Maintenance – Deposition problem in the dryer chamber and how to counter it If you pay for a full glass of milk and receive only about 3/4, you know there is a problem. Food and pharmaceutical industry has been battling the same problem over the past many years, and the core of this … Read more

System flow loops of spray dryers

Explosives and pharmaceutical products are some of the sensitive materials that undergo spray drying process. Similarly, environmental concerns too deeply influence the design and working of spray dryers. Modifications are made to the flow loop system to tackle sensitive products and reduce the environmental impact of spray drying process. Spray dryers are classified in three … Read more

Spray dryer process flow

Quantity and quality are generally perceived to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum, and it is believed that if you chose one, you must compromise with the other. However, spray drying is one sector that must always deliver the precise size of particles in large amounts. Both quality and quantity matter in spray … Read more

Spray Dryer History

We generally like to forget moments when we end up with an egg on our face, but here is a story where eggs kickstarted a journey that would change the world. The earliest mention of spray drying involved egg-handling in 1865. But pride of place must go to a Mr Samuel Percy, who is considered … Read more