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Dryers and Evaporators that meets every compliance, and guarantees product quality with capacity

Backed by two decades of experience, Shachi Engineering has designed and supplied drying and evaporation plants that meet highly demanding compliance norms in the pharma and nutraceutical applications. With a deep understanding of global standards and norms, Dryers and Evaporators from Shachi Engineering are well proven to deliver on process and product quality compliance as required in the case of domestic or export markets.

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Ensure consistent product
quality at scale

Shachi Engineering offers a full range of process solutions from Lab-scale to High-capacity drying and evaporation plants. Several large Indian pharmaceutical companies rely on Shachi’s technology to process sensitive products reliably and at scale.

Our process plants are designed using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, and therefore offer the best results and efficiencies. It also allows us to arrive at the right process design in view of compliance much faster, and while saving valuable time and costs spent in the pilot stage.

Evaporators for Pharma-industry

Ensure efficient evaporation from lab-scale to large scale with evaporator between 5kg to 10,000 kg evaporation capacity

Why Shachi Engineering

Assuring total compliance

From materials used, design and manufacturing of processes to safety norms, we have you covered on every point in compliance.

Compact and high-efficiency designs

Designs that fit into the available space and yet deliver on efficiency and quality with total safety and no losses.

Superior product properties and quality

Plants that deliver as promised, whether its the physical properties such as accuracy of texture, colors, or the chemical compositions, on every front.



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