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Forced Circulation Evaporator

Forced circulation evaporator is a type of evaporator that operates on the principle of continuous circulation of the liquid being evaporated. The liquid is pumped through a heat exchanger or a series of heat exchangers where it is heated by steam or other heating media. The heated liquid is then directed to a flash chamber where it is allowed to boil, and the resulting vapor is separated from the liquid.

The vapor produced in the flash chamber is then directed to the vapor separator, where any liquid droplets are separated from the vapor. The separated vapor is then condensed and returned to the heat exchanger(s) to be reused, while the concentrated liquid is directed to the next stage or to a storage tank.

Forced circulation evaporator is particularly useful for liquids that have a tendency to foul or scale when exposed to heat for an extended period of time, as the high velocity of the liquid in the system helps to prevent the build-up of solids on the heat transfer surfaces. Additionally, the continuous circulation of the liquid ensures that the concentration of the liquid remains uniform throughout the evaporator.


Forced Circulation Evaporator offer Several Benefits:

  1. High heat transfer rate: A high rate of heat transfer allows for rapid and efficient evaporation of the liquid being processed.
  1. Low fouling rate: The high velocity of the liquid in evaporator reduces the likelihood of fouling, or the accumulation of solids on the heating surfaces.
  2. Ability to handle high-viscosity liquids: it can handle liquids with high viscosities that may be difficult to process in other types of evaporators.
  3. Increased concentration: It is capable of achieving higher concentrations of the liquid being processed, resulting in a more concentrated product.
  4. Energy efficiency: It consumes less energy compared to other types of evaporators due to the efficient heat transfer and reduced fouling rate.
  5. Reduced operating costs: The increased efficiency and reduced fouling rate of forced circulation evaporators result in lower operating costs over the long term.


Forced circulation evaporator are commonly used in industries that require the concentration of liquid solutions. Some of the application areas of forced circulation evaporators are:

  1. Chemical Industry: It is used for the concentration of various chemical solutions such as acids, alkalis, and salts.
  2. Food and Beverage Industry: used for the concentration of fruit juices, dairy products, and other liquid food items.
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry: concentration of medicinal extracts and solutions.
  4. Petrochemical Industry: concentration of various hydrocarbons and other petrochemical products.
  5. Wastewater Treatment: Used to separate the water from the concentrated solids and other impurities.

Overall, forced circulation evaporator is used in various industries where the concentration of liquid solutions is required, and they are an essential part of many industrial processes.