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Shachi Launched New Brand Identity, Brand Promise and Core Company Values

Shachi has launched a new brand identity, brand promise and core company values to reflect its aspirations and promise to customers. The new core company values are articulated to establish the company culture which will further create a unique customer experience and deliver our brand promise. We are committed to build sustainable and profitable solutions, with game-changing innovations.

About New Brand Identity:

The new brand identity takes inspiration from the previous identity. The blue colour communicates stability, calmness and the red colour communicates ambitions, aggressiveness and passion. The mnemonic creates a shape of the conch shell and each element used in it is derived from our brand promise. The tagline (passion powered performance) truly sets us apart. It reflects our dedication and deep inspiration to deliver superb performance to customers.

Our Brand Promise:

  • We build trust
  • We partner in our customer’s success
  • We deliver value to our customers

Our Core Company Values:

  • We persist in getting the result we want
  • We take complete ownership of our Work
  • We respect and care for others
  • We empower others to perform their jobs better
  • We value leadership and Innovation
  • We are frugal

This is yet another milestone in our journey from being a good to a great company. We are moving forward and you can always expect Passion Powered Performance!