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In a short span of over a decade, Shachi has gained significant market leadership in a full range of Dryers.

Evaporator for Process Industry image

Crafting high efficiency & easy to maintain equipment in manufacturing of best in class range of evaporators.

Spray Cooler for Process Industry

Shachi has successfully installed and serviced both open & closed loop spray coolers across the country.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Shachi's Zero Liquid
Discharge Plant is
economical in operation and meets the stringent pollution control norms.

Shachi Engineering

Proven and innovative
process designs

Innovative design, at the heart of Sahchi's solutions, provide an edge to customers in terms of cost-effective operations, performance, and maintenance.

Since 2000

Manufacturers of Advanced Process Equipment

Served 100+

A Company involved in servicing, maintenance and repairs

◎ Dyes
◎ Acid dyes
◎ Reactive Dyes
◎ Disperse Dyes
◎ Dye Intermediates
◎ Metal Complex Dyes
◎ Dispersing Agent
◎ Tanning agent
◎ Pigments
◎ Agro Chemical
◎ Phosphates

◎ Urea Formaldehyde
◎ Resin & Phenol Resin
◎ Calcium Chloride
◎ Ceramic for tiles
◎ Technical Ceramics
◎ Composite Minerals
◎ Effluents
◎ Hydrogenated Castor Oil
◎ Stearic, Fatty Acid
◎ Palm Stearin
◎ Pharmaceuticals

◎ Sodium Propionate
◎ Spirulina
◎ Herbal/Medicinal Plant Extracts
◎ Vitamin B-12
◎ Enzymes
◎ Flavors, Fragrances
◎ Instant Tea and Coffee
◎ Fruit Juices
◎ Milk Powder
◎ Banana Puree


What Sets
us apart?

Shachi's strategic technology collaboration with a European Company helps to bring innovative, self-cleaning systems in evaporators, for customers in the Indian market. These Evaporators do not require jet cleaning, thus saving time, reducing costs and maintenance while ensuring seamless production.

Proven Performance

With Shachi’s innovative design and quality
engineering, you are assured of high-performance equipment and plants that perform as promised on every parameter.

Proactive Approach

Shachi has always led from the front. From identifying challenges before you face them to building and 
delivering solutions that are geared to meet your
future needs, Shachi’s proactive approach is evident in every task.

End-to-end Capabilities

From concept to final commissioning and beyond, you can rely on Shachi's expert team to gauge and
successfully solve the foreseen and unforeseen
challenges at every step in your processes.


Let's grow

Join our award-winning team, and enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on one goal – improving the world around us through imagination and innovation.


Work with
big and small

Shachi's team provided valuable insights from the design to final commissioning stage. The team of Engineers was knowledgable and well versed with technology and functional expertise in multi-effect evaporators. I am thankful to Mr. Shanbhag and the team for all the support.

Harsh Patel, Director – Yashasvi Rasayan Pvt. Ltd.


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