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Gaurav’s Growth Story – Remarkable Journey from Engineer to Leading a Prestigious Project in Under 8 Months

The urge to change…

When there is a genuine urge to expand and grow, change is natural. Gaurav wanted to go beyond his skillset and explore a broader set of opportunities. Shachi offered suitable projects and environments for his growth.

Gaurav joined the Shachi team as an Engineer in early 2023. In his previous role, his work was primarily limited to structural engineering. He had over 3 years of experience. At Shachi, he found a team and place that would allow him to expand his capabilities and take on a leadership role.

Gaurav’s dreams did not have to wait!

At Shachi, Gaurav quickly got the opportunity to venture into new territories and explore production and on-site projects. As a Production and Site Engineer at Shachi Engineering, he found himself in a dynamic, multi-departmental setting aligned with his career aspirations. Credit also goes to the Talent Team at Shachi, which was instrumental in building Gaurav’s competencies and identifying the right opportunities for him.

Taking project leadership

One of the highlights of Gaurav’s journey at Shachi was when he took the lead on a prestigious project at our Dahej factory. His leadership skills shone brightly as he successfully led the project by coordinating with multiple departments and solving complex problems.

This was the first time for me to independently lead a project. At Shachi, I got to expand my learning from mostly a structural engineering base to a wide range of areas in process engineering. I was thrilled to take up the opportunity. I now feel confident about leading even bigger projects!

Driven by curiosity, Gaurav delved deeper into the production of advanced spray coolers – a speciality of Shachi Engineering. With the guidance of experienced mentors at Shachi, he had something new to learn every day and at every step of the project. With independent responsibility, he felt a change in the efficiency of his daily routine work.

Shachi Engineering’s disciplined work environment, supportive learning environment, and growth opportunities aligned with competencies ensured Gaurav’s successful transformation into a leader.

Gaurav’s story shows us the power of embracing change and pursuing your passion. If you are looking to change your story, Shachi Engineering is always looking for the right talent. You can apply here.