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Shachi’s MVR-Based ZLD Plant Emerges as a Game-Changer for India’s Top Stainless Steel Manufacturer

Industry : Metals (Steel)

Product : ZLD Plant for RO reject application

Timeline : 22 Weeks

Plant Capacity : 30 KLD

Project/ Equipment : MVR-based ZLD plant

Setting the standard in wastewater recovery for stainless steel plants

The client required a new water and wastewater treatment plant as part of its expansion plan in stainless steel manufacturing. Shachi was chosen to supply the 30 KLD MVR-based Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant for RO reject application based on Proven Track Record (PTR).

About the Client

It is a leading Indian stainless steel manufacturer with a yearly melt capacity of 2.9 MT and an annual turnover of INR 35,700 crore. It has facilities in Haryana and Odisha, an overseas unit in Indonesia, and a global presence in 15 countries. Their products include slabs, blooms, coils, plates, sheets, precision strips, blade steel, and coin blanks.


  1. Strong technical competency in MVR-based ZLD Plant
  2. Proven Track Record in Steel Industry application
  3. A cost-competitive ZLD in terms of CAPEX and OPEX
  4. Quick supply and commissioning

Shachi offers a turnkey solution

Shachi addressed these challenges by providing the client with a turnkey solution that included the design, engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the MVR-based ZLD plant. The plant was also equipped with a German-made MVR blower, which ensures its long-term reliability and performance.

Up to 50% lower OPEX

Compared to the traditional approach of using a steam-based MEE plant, Shachi’s MVR-based ZLD design helped to reduce OPEX by the use of MVR-based ZLD. This helped achieve significantly better water recovery and process condensate quality, with operational cost savings of over 50%.

Significantly lower footprint

The site demanded a compact ZLD. Shachi’s design was built to meet this critical need. Most traditional designs require a larger space. But with Shachi’s ZLD, the footprint was almost 30% lower than the conventional ZLDs. Which ultimately saved costs in terms of civil and structural requirements.

Long-term reliability and performance

Shachi chose a German-made blower for the MVR plant. This is due to very high reliability and peak performance without hassle. The blower in ZLDs is often identified as a weak link. Traditional blower designs could have led to sub-optimal performance and posed risks in terms of reliability. Shachi took no chances and ensured the risk to the client was near zero.

Meeting environmental regulations made it hassle-free

The ZLD plant from Shachi was observed to be 100% compliant with the stringent environmental regulations by the state and center. The plant was to be operational near an eco-sensitive zone, and even a slight gap in compliance could have led to stringent measures such as closure or heavy penalties. Shachi’s plant ensures risk-free operations for the client while meeting sustainability goals.

From designing plants with significant cost-savings and meeting the footprint requirements to ensuring cost-effective and highly reliable operations, Shachi helped the client meet all their goals within time and budget.

Shachi’s expertise and design viewpoint were vital to creating several advantages in terms of high reliability, significant cost savings, and getting the compliance right the first time.

Reduce your Opex by 50% with Shachi's MVR-based ZLD plant. Contact us for customized solutions.