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A Seed of Curiosity – A chapter from Devendra Sonar’s book of growth at Shachi

Devendra’s journey began while pursuing his Bachelor’s in Engineering. Fueled by his fascination with plant structures and the complexities of plant commissioning, he found his place at Shachi through their progressive campus placements.

Cultivating Curiosity

Shachi’s projects on zero-liquid discharge systems, dryers, and evaporators provided the perfect platform for Devendra’s curiosity. Starting as a site engineer, he embraced the challenges of plant commissioning. Despite facing hurdles, he strived, using each obstacle as a learning opportunity while building a team.

A Steady Climb

Devendra’s dedication made him rise from a trainee to a junior engineer within a year. He consistently improved his performance, attributing his success to the mentorship and support he received from his experienced colleagues. His particular interest in Spray Dryers led him to actively participate in projects involving this technology and Evaporators. He represented Shachi on various platforms, including in Surat, Dahej and many more.

Freedom and Responsibility

Shachi Engineering’s unique work culture struck a balance between empowering employees to make decisions and offering guidance from managers. This blend allowed Devendra to make important choices while benefiting from the wisdom of his mentors.

Shachi’s flexible work culture has been a big factor in our productivity.

Personal and Professional Growth

Devendra’s journey wasn’t just about professional accomplishments. Leading five challenging projects sharpened his technical skills while working closely with clients enhanced his communication abilities. These experiences significantly contributed to his overall growth.

Leading five projects has boosted my technical skills, and working with clients has improved my communication abilities.

An Inspirational Transformation

In the span of a year, Devendra Sonar evolved from a trainee to a Project Engineer at Shachi Engineering. His story showcases the potential for growth through dedication, perseverance, and the support of an organization that values innovation and personal development. Shachi Engineering’s flexible work culture provided the backdrop for Devendra to paint his story of success and self-discovery.