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Sharing Insights gained from 100+ Industry Leaders at IFAT INDIA 2023

In case you missed visiting Shachi Engineering’s Booth at IFAT 2023, this is a must-read!

Know the pulse of the industry

Every year, the IFAT exhibition brings together the trendsetters, cutting-edge insights, and a glimpse into the future of environmental and wastewater treatment technology. The event was held in Mumbai from October 17th to 19th at the Bombay Exhibition Centre. Professionals from the water, sewage, waste, and recycling industries converged to display their innovative products and services.

Shachi Engineering is leading the way in demonstrating how technology can revolutionize wastewater management for a greener world.

At IFAT 2023, we met over 100 industry leaders worldwide. Here’s a specially curated summary of the insights on what’s the pulse of the industry.

Here are Shachi’s key insights from IFAT India 2023

Multifold rise in interest for ZLDs

The rising interest in ZLDs was a clear indicator of tightening regulatory compliance of wastewater treatment. Zero Liquid Discharge Plants are now a necessity for many industry segments. Several states are now implementing the regulations seriously and penalising industries. Shachi experienced a multi-fold increase (over 3 times compared to previous years) in interest in wastewater treatment plants, particularly ZLDs. If you are still delaying the consideration for ZLDs, the IFAT India 2023 pulse clearly says that’s not a good move.

The top concern for most – Operating costs of ZLDs

Over 90% of visitors expressed a concern about the cost of running ZLDs. The high operating cost made running the ZLD plant not only challenging but also impacting the bottom line. There was a lot of interest in new innovative solutions that could deliver on sustainability and economics. Given the low operating costs, as compared to traditional ETPs, Shachi’s MVR-based ZLD evaporators gained a lot of interest from visiting delegates.

The Game-changing Self-cleaning Technology

Maintenance, especially cleaning evaporators in wastewater treatment plants, was another big concern. Scaling and fouling of evaporators required frequent shutdowns for cleaning and reducing the plant’s life span.

Shachi’s KLAREN Self-Cleaning Technology emerged as a game-changer. It reduces scaling and maintenance costs while providing consistent performance for weeks or months in a row.

Need of the hour – a total solution!

Several industries now realise the limitations of sourcing a wastewater solution in parts from multiple vendors. While reducing the capital cost will continue to be a priority, such plants have increased the Total Cost of Ownership, opined by several industry leaders. As a result, there is an increasing trend to source a solution from a single supplier to reduce complexities in integration, achieve reliable results, and better accountability towards the results of the technology. Shachi has always believed in offering a complete solution for specific industries with Stripper, Multi-Effect Evaporators, Centrifuge, ATFDs and Spray Dryers as per the process and effluent needs. Such comprehensive solutions were acknowledged to be economical, reliable, and efficient.

Towards net zero – the shift is natural in the near future

Many companies are considering sustainability in wastewater recovery as a financial investment in a renewable resource. When you invest in wastewater recovery, you’re essentially planting the seeds for long-term benefits. Sustainable wastewater practices yield multiple returns. They offer clean water for reuse and reduce the burden on water treatment facilities. Sustainability in wastewater recovery pays dividends in the form of both environmental preservation and economic savings over the long run. It’s a wise investment in our planet’s future and our financial well-being.

IFAT 2023 was a milestone in marking the shift to sustainability with better economics. Shachi is geared for the change!