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5 Things to do at Dahej Industrial Expo 2023

Dahej, with its industrial significance and coastal location, plays a crucial role in Gujarat’s economic development. While primarily known for its industrial estates and petrochemical complexes, its industrial Expo remains the year’s highlight for all the industrialists! Dahej Industrial Expo has been one of the largest B2B expos in Dahej for the last two years. … Read more

A Global Success – Shachi was chosen to deliver Spray Cooler Plants with 1.5 & 2 TPH capacity by one of the world’s largest food companies.

Shachi was chosen to deliver Spray Cooler Plants with 1.5 & 2 TPH capacity by one of the world’s largest food companies.

Client’s Product GMS (Glycerol monostearate), Stearic Acid & Palmitic Acid Timeline 5 months Plant Capacity Plant 1 – 1.5 TPH Plant 2 –  2 TPH  Project Status Under Manufacturing Shachi’s Technology and Equipment Spray Cooler Plant | 3 Stage Cooling and Product Recovery Project Snapshot Shachi played a vital role in establishing a Spray Cooler … Read more

Celebrating Phenomenal Growth and Success!

Over the past half-year, Shachi Engineering has achieved remarkable success through a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Our journey is a testament to our dedication and hard work. Let’s take a closer look at our journey. Innovative Solutions for Customers At Shachi Engineering, we are committed to evolving and adapting to meet our customers’ … Read more

Sharing Insights gained from 100+ Industry Leaders at IFAT INDIA 2023

In case you missed visiting Shachi Engineering’s Booth at IFAT 2023, this is a must-read! Know the pulse of the industry Every year, the IFAT exhibition brings together the trendsetters, cutting-edge insights, and a glimpse into the future of environmental and wastewater treatment technology. The event was held in Mumbai from October 17th to 19th … Read more

A Seed of Curiosity – A chapter from Devendra Sonar’s book of growth at Shachi

Devendra’s journey began while pursuing his Bachelor’s in Engineering. Fueled by his fascination with plant structures and the complexities of plant commissioning, he found his place at Shachi through their progressive campus placements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIUZlO7wh9w Cultivating Curiosity Shachi’s projects on zero-liquid discharge systems, dryers, and evaporators provided the perfect platform for Devendra’s curiosity. Starting as a … Read more

Two Sides of Sustainability

Sustainability is a term that resonates with us all, emphasizing the importance of recycling, reusing, and reducing our environmental impact. This is undeniably a critical aspect of sustainability, but another often overlooked dimension is the sustainability of the systems and solutions that enable us to protect the environment. In various industries, especially in areas like … Read more

Shachi’s MVR-Based ZLD Plant Emerges as a Game-Changer for India’s Top Stainless Steel Manufacturer

Industry : Metals (Steel) Product : ZLD Plant for RO reject application Timeline : 22 Weeks Plant Capacity : 30 KLD Project/ Equipment : MVR-based ZLD plant Setting the standard in wastewater recovery for stainless steel plants The client required a new water and wastewater treatment plant as part of its expansion plan in stainless … Read more

Shachi Engineering’s fastrack delivery of 100KLD ZLD Plant with Advanced Self-Cleaning Technology!

Product – Wastewater unit Timeline – 6 months Plant Capacity – 100KLD Project/ Equipment – ZLD plant with advanced self-cleaning technology Summary of the project :  ZLD plant with advanced self-cleaning technology A famous Pharma company recently implemented a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant at its new facility in Vizag, India. The plant was designed … Read more

Gaurav’s Growth Story – Remarkable Journey from Engineer to Leading a Prestigious Project in Under 8 Months

The urge to change… When there is a genuine urge to expand and grow, change is natural. Gaurav wanted to go beyond his skillset and explore a broader set of opportunities. Shachi offered suitable projects and environments for his growth. Gaurav joined the Shachi team as an Engineer in early 2023. In his previous role, … Read more